Magnetic resonance tools, easy to use.

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In this website, you will find tools developed for evaluating data acquired by magnetic resonance techniques, namely EPR (electron paramagnetic resonance) and NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance).

Currently available tools are:

Online tools:

Offline tools (programs):

  • DTA to csv converter
    with auto-phasing and plotting functionality to convert Bruker xepr binary files (.DTA) to text data files (.csv) and create jpg, png and PDF data files
  • DEERplot
    a program to plot and compare the result of DEER (double electron electron resonance) distance measurements

Please note that all the tools are still in active development phase and in beta version. Errors and exceptions are expected. Please report any errors or problems to me.


Latest news

DEERplot now available as a python funtion. March 9, 2018

DEERplot can now be used in python codes with a simple lightweight function call.

csvplot, a single file GNUplot code for plotting csv files Feb. 20, 2017

csvplot is a single file GNUplot code for making a comparison plot out of all csv files in a folder.

DEERplot source available Jan. 28, 2017

DEERplot python source code is published in and

DEERplot, a program to plot DEER distance measurements data has been published Oct. 31, 2016

DEERplot is a program which takes the output files from the software package DeerAnalysis and plots the evaluated DEER distance ...

Added data plotting functionality to DTAtoCSV program Oct. 2, 2016

DTAtoCSV program can now create plot files with jpg, png and pdf formats.

DTAtoCSV, a program to convert DTA binary files to text data file is published Sept. 27, 2016

DTA to CSV converter is a program that converts binary files created by Bruker Elexsys xepr to ascii csv file ...